About Us

Ka Fu Company is a professional service provider of VR/AR projects. We provide consultation services, development and technical supports.

Our Mission

Provide great VR/AR solutions to improve training/education quality

Our Values

Client First - We serve our clients as our very first priortiy.

Our Vision

We keep updating our VR/AR Tech inventory to get the latest Technology.


Here are the list of services we are specific in:

VR Trainings

We source and develop the latest VR solutions for schools and institutes.

AR Tech

We design and develop AR applications for your marketing/training purposes.

Interactive Design

We design and provide implementations services for interactive events.

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Our Technology

To engage your needs and provide latest VR/AR services, we put various focus on different technologies:

Virtual Reality 100%
AR Tech 90%
3D Simulation 75%
AI Technology 55%

Our Clients

Many clients are looking for VR/AR solutions and we did provide a lot of services.






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End Users

Our Products

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Room.K, 4/F, Bedford Factory Building, No.51 Bedford Road, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong